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Some Tips for Quickly Installing Subwoofers

The installation of a subwoofer is quite easy. Usually there is no special skill required. Subwoofers are speakers which are optimized for low frequencies. They are an important element of every home theater system. However, they are also useful for stereo sound systems. Subwoofers can be purchased separately or as part of a home theater kit. When purchasing a separate subwoofer, you have to make sure it can interface with your sound system. The bulk of subwoofers will accept audio via an RCA input. So all you really need is a cable which is usually supplied with the subwoofer and you are all set.

If you want to place the subwoofer far away from the receiver then you may want to think about purchasing a wireless subwoofer or subwoofer kit. Going wireless means that you have more flexibility in setting up the unit. Since the subwoofer for the most part already contains the power supply, having a wireless unit doesn’t add any unnecessary wires.

When setting up the subwoofer, the front of the subwoofer should be facing towards the center of your room. However, they are some exceptions. Some subwoofers are down firing in design. Those subwoofers can be set …

How to Select Suitable Audio Connectors for Building Audio Cables

Audio interconnecting cables are a crucial part of every audio set up. Without the interconnecting cables, there would be no way for the audio to be traveling between individual audio components. If you set up audio gear, oftentimes you will want to manufacture audio cables yourself instead of purchasing ready-make cables. Making cables yourself, office you the flexibility of selecting suitable conductors as well as suitable jacks. It will enable you to customize the cables and provide the option to mount the perfect connectors at each end of the cable. Also, you can customize the length to be exactly what you need for you set up so that you don’t end up with useless slack.

When picking the conductor, I usually recommend to choose coaxial cables that have double shielding. The shielding will prevent other electromagnetic signals from entering the audio cable. The double shielding will improve the cables ability to prevent signals from entering especially high-frequency signals.

Also, I typically recommend using a cable that has a heat-resistant insulation. Even though these cables are more difficult to connect to a connector, nonetheless they are more rugged and don’t melt easily.

When choosing the actual connectors for attaching to the …

How to Minimize Electronic Waste

With the ever growing pace of technology, people are accumulating more and more waste which mostly consists of devices that have become obsolete by the introduction of newer generation products. It is a never ending race between manufacturers. In order to gain a competitive edge, manufacturers of electronic products constantly improve their offerings. However, that means that there will be an excess of previous generation devices. The main problem is what to do with all those devices which still function but nobody wants anymore.

My proposal is to design products such that they can be upgraded. Let’s take a look at cell phones. Newer generation cell phones typically have more features and better performance. However, the exterior of modern smart phones hardly ever changes. That means that by swapping the circuit board which is located on the inside of your phone, you can retrofit your old model. That will reduce waste significantly.

Also, many products have software which is at the heart of each device. By issuing software upgrades, performance of such devices can be improved without having to generate any waste. Such upgrades typically can be done by downgrading the latest version of firmware. Most of the time a …